Vintage Park Veterinary Clinic
8876 Vintage Park Dr. Suite 116, Sacramento, CA 95828

About Vintage Park Veterinary Clinic

Pets are more than animals we feed and shelter, they’re our friends and family members, so it’s important we treat them that way. This means taking them for routine visits to a family-friendly veterinarian like those at Vintage Park Veterinary Clinic in Sacramento, CA. This full-service animal hospital offers comprehensive medical and dental services for the furry members of your family.

As compassionate veterinarians, they want to provide as many services as they can for your pet. These services include diagnostics, surgical, radiology, and emergency vet care. Their in-house laboratory provides a sterile environment for testing, so that they can provide the most accurate information as possible for discovering what ails your pet.

This pet hospital also offers microchip identification. If your pet is ever lost and is picked up by animal control, he or she will be easily identifiable by the implanted device, securing you and your pet’s reunion. Their on-site pharmacy also includes tick and flea control products, so you never have to worry about going elsewhere to get your pet what they need.

Veterinarians chose their career path because of their love for animals and the desire to see them live fuller lives. No one cares about the wellbeing of your pet more than the staff at Vintage Park Veterinary Clinic. Call them today to schedule an appointment with one of their experts at (916) 688-5486 or visit them online.