When looking for a facility where you can rent a storage unit, you'll need to consider several factors to get a space you're satisfied with. One element to think about is whether the unit has drive-up accessibility. Here's a closer look at the advantages of this feature so that you can make the right decision for your needs.

Why Should You Rent a Drive-Up Storage Unit?

1. Convenience

Having a drive-up storage unit means you can move belongings in and out of the space quickly and efficiently. Heavier items will require less work and strain to carry because they can be transported on or off of a truck and straight inside the rental space. 

The close proximity between your vehicle and the unit means you may not need certain supplies, like dollies or carts, which can save time and money. You also may not need to hire a moving company, reducing your expenses further.

2. Sizing Options


Storage units that offer drive-up options often boast a better variety of sizes, so you can easily find the right space for your belongings. Many of these facilities have larger rooms that can accommodate an entire home's worth of appliances. Having the freedom to pick the perfect size unit will take the stress out of trying to squeeze too many items into a "one size fits all" rental or overpaying for more space than necessary.

3. Item Protection

Moving items back and forth between a vehicle and a storage unit risks damage to your belongings. This threat is more significant if the rental is located a decent distance away from the parking lot. 

Carrying heavy loads or valuable furniture can get tiring, and if an item falls or bumps into another object, it can cause irreparable damage. With less distance between your vehicle and the storage space, a drive-up unit will decrease the risk to your beloved household belongings.


If you're looking for a convenient drive-up storage unit, Carolina Self Storage offers a variety of rental sizes for any needs. For over 30 years, they have provided Archdale, NC, and the surrounding areas with clean spaces and friendly staff that will be there to help you find the perfect unit. They also offer budget-friendly options to ensure new and existing customers can stow their belongings affordably. Visit the website to learn more about the available units, or call (336) 434-4367 to ask about renting a storage space.