When planning your business sign, it's crucial to consider the materials used to make it, the placement, and the font. However, the sign's colors also deserve careful consideration. The hues could have a significant impact on the success of the brand and should not be overlooked. Here’s a closer look at how colors affect the way people read commercial signs

Why Do the Right Colors Matter for Your Business?

Colors play a significant role in how consumers perceive a brand because they subconsciously affect behavior. As such, choosing the right sign colors can boost the image of your brand and the attention it receives. For instance, if you were promoting an organic food business it would likely get more attention if you use mostly green in the signage over other colors. 

That's because most people associate green with nature or foods that have not been chemically altered. When you know what emotions and behaviors are triggered by certain colors, you can strategically use them to convey your brand's message, feeling, and personality, increasing the bottom line.

What Are Some of the Meanings Attached to Colors?

The following are some of the most frequently associate meanings to specific colors:

commercial sign
  • Blue: for most people, this color represents trust, security, peace, and authority.
  • Red: conveys energy, excitement, hunger, and passion. It can also impart urgency when used in sale or clearance signs.
  • Green: reads as money, health, nature, life, and healing.
  • Yellow: conveys fun, warmth, positivity, and attention.
  • Purple: is associated with royalty, femininity, deep emotion, and inspiration.
  • Black: conveys power, mystery, luxury, and sophistication.

By choosing colors intentionally, you can fulfill business goals through your commercial signs. Take the time to research which colors are appropriate for the needs and tastes of your target audience.


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