Installing a new well is a process that involves several steps. First, you’ll contact several well drilling contractors to get information and quotes for your project. Then, you need to procure the necessary permits to begin the water well drilling process. With contractor and permit ready to go, the remaining steps are drilling, casing, and finishing the well.

Drilling the Well & Casing It

The first step is to dig or drill a hole, usually with power equipment. The operator will check periodically to find out if the aquifer has been reached. When that happens, a casing is lowered into the ground—usually a PVC or steel pipe. This is necessary to prevent the soil from collapsing back into the hole that was drilled.

water well drillingThe water well drilling process can be accomplished a variety of ways depending on the type of soil present. For example, an auger with a rotating bucket or continuous stem can be used in clay soils. Rotary drills use a water-based fluid to open the hole and work well in sandy soils. For the toughest soil materials, percussion cables are best, even though they take longer than the other approaches.

Finishing the Well

After the pipe is in place, it can be sealed with grout on either side to keep the soil away from the well. Typically, wells are finished using clay or concrete. The casing will be fitted with a bag to filter out sand and gravel to keep your water clean. Additionally, the well gets capped with a sanitary seal to prevent contaminants from entering from above. To bring the water to the surface, a well pump must be installed. At this point, the well water should be tested to ensure that it’s safe to use and drink.


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