Many homes today have French Doors that swing or even sliding doors made by Andersen, Marvin, and Pella to name a few. We here at Competition Locksmith can repair and/or replace most lock parts including keyed cylinders for outside access into home or adding additional security to a sliding door by added a bolt to the inside. Most of these brands of doors do come with Schlage keyway cylinder and can be rekeyed to most deadbolt locks on other doors in your home should you request one common key for your home. We’re partnered with many distributors and can quickly get a replacement part to fix a door that may not be functioning properly. Additional to replacement parts regular and routine maintenance of these doors is also very important to longevity of door and lock. Examples include lubricating the lock 1-2 times a year using WD-40 or even adjusting door hinges as screws become loose over time. Sliding doors have tracks that become dusty and rollers on bottom will rust and will require maintenance. The better you can maintain these doors the longer you’ll enjoy the security that comes along with these beautiful brands of doors.