Calling a locksmith when you’re locked out of your home can be aggravating, especially if it happens often. Hiding a spare key nearby can save you time and money. However, putting it in an obvious place like under a welcome mat or in a flower pot poses a security risk. Here are a few safe places to hide your spare key.

Where to Hide Your Spare Key

1. Lockbox

Many real estate agents and vacation rental hosts use this method to allow guests into a home. This box can be attached to a door handle or a wall.

It’s also durable and can’t be opened without a passcode or combination. There are different types, including dial combination lockboxes and pin code lockboxes.

2. Car

LocksmithIf you’re coming home from work, but realize you forgot the house keys, having a spare hidden in the car can prevent the need for a locksmith. Even if the vehicle is broken into, a burglar will first look for items that are out in the open. This is why you should hide the key in a locked glove box, under the floor mat, or in the trunk.

3. Siding

All you need to hide a key in your home’s siding is a fishing wire. First, cut off a piece of wire that’s long enough to peek out of the siding and tie it to the key. Then, find a seam in the siding and push the key into it until only the wire can be seen. When you need to use the key, all you have to do is pull the wire to gain access.


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