An okazuya is a localized Japanese deli. The term also refers to a side dish that goes well with rice or noodles. Today, you can find these amazing restaurants and sides across the U.S. Below is some more information about this new trend. 

What Dishes can I Find at an Okazuya?

Okazuyas serve a wide variety of foods. Some stick to strictly Japanese traditions while others mix it up with cuisines from various Asian influences. For example, one deli may offer a menu consisting entirely of dishes from Hawaii, while others may have Americanized mashups like hot dog and fish cakes.


What Are Okazuya Sides?

At an okazuya deli, you will likely enjoy a serving of rice or noodles with a choice of sides. A Chinese-influenced kitchen may offer chow fun and a Filipino restaurant may favor pork giusantes. Grab a bento box and fill it with your favorite foods to make the perfect lunch or dinner. When you visit an okazuya, make sure to ask about the local favorite. You may end up loving foods you’d never think to try! In Hawaii, for example, you might enjoy nori chicken with pineapple sauce made from locally grown fruit. Local flavor is one of the charms of eating at a Japanese okazuya. 


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