When ordering Japanese takeout, you likely have an entree in mind, or maybe two or three if you’re sharing the meal. Here are four reasons to get a few side dishes as well.

4 Benefits of Side Dishes

1. Increase Protein Intake

Many restaurants offer sides that include extra protein like tofu. Ordering these options increases the amount of energy you’ll gain from the food and will keep you full for several hours.

2. Diversify Nutrients

Japanese takeout is generally known as a healthy option; however, you can diversify your diet by also enjoying a side dish or two made of ingredients not found in your chosen main dish. For example, if you get fishcakes with long rice, add on a side of vegetables for a more well-rounded meal. 

3. Increase Leftovers

Japanese takeout Hilo HIMany people like to order Japanese takeout to spread out the dishes over several meals. Vary your options by ordering sides that mix well with the main course. For example, get extra rice or noodles and salad or nishime to increase the ways you can update the main dish for meals the next day.

4. Try New Flavors

If you’re interested in trying a menu item you’ve never had before but are hesitant to waste food if you don’t like it, order the dish as a side. You’ll get a taste and know whether to order a full serving in the future.


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