Hawaii residents are under a stay-at-home order as part of the effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While adhering to this regulation is for your and others’ safety, it’s easy to get tired of making the same meals. That’s why you should consider ordering Japanese takeout from a local restaurant.

4 Benefits of Ordering Takeout During the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order

1. You’re Protecting Yourself

The primary goal of the stay-at-home order is to protect Hawaii residents from contracting COVID-19. By self-isolating, you drastically reduce your chance of catching the virus. If you’re an asymptomatic carrier, you’re also protecting your community until it has passed. Ordering Japanese takeout keeps you indoors where you’re safest.

2. You Don’t Have to Eat Your Food Stores

japanese-takeout-hiloIf you stocked up on food in case a worst-case scenario develops down the road, you don’t want to burn through your stores during self-isolation. Ordering Japanese takeout allows you to enjoy healthy dinners without eating canned foods or frozen goods that you could need in the future.

3. Enjoy a Variety of Flavors

You’ve likely been eating the same dishes over and over at home and may be bored with your choices. Fortunately, Japanese cuisine offers a wide selection of dishes to give you variety, from bento to sushi and tempura.

4. It’s Safer Than You Think

Many people are hesitant to order takeout because they fear the delivery person may transmit COVID-19. But restaurants have taken extensive measures to protect their customers and employees, so don’t let fear get in the way.

Contactless delivery has become the norm; drivers will leave the food at your door and collect the money. Even better, you can pay by debit or credit over the phone.


If you’re in Hilo and craving Japanese takeout, turn to Kawamoto Store. This local restaurant brings 70 years of experience to its customers and serves a large selection of Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipino food. Begin exploring sushi and bento options on their website, and call (808) 935-8209 to place an order.