Your favorite Hawaiian food providers may have temporarily changed the way they do business on the Big Island due to COVID-19, but it’s still possible to support them. Use these tips to let the eateries you love know you want their businesses to continue.

4 Tips to Support Restaurants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Order Takeout

Order takeout from a local restaurant to help revenue streams. You’ll stay safe eating at home, plus you won’t have to prepare the meal yourself. If possible, place orders during non-peak hours since food deliveries have increased. 

2. Tip Staff Generously

Hawaiian foodWhether you pick up your food, have it delivered, or eat it inside the restaurant while following social distancing guidelines, tip well. The server, delivery driver, or employee behind the counter will appreciate it. Having fewer customers has cut their usual tipping amount, so whatever you can do to make up for it will be a big help.

3. Make Donations

See if the restaurants you patronize regularly have GoFundMe pages or Venmo accounts for their employees. They may also participate in other restaurant worker relief programs.

If the donation avenue you select includes a comments section, let the restaurant team know you’re rooting for them and perhaps mention what food you enjoy the most. Comments sections are also ideal for sharing restaurant stories, such as when a server ran to your car with the doggy bag you forgot. 

4. Purchase Gift Cards or Merchandise

Visit restaurant websites to order merchandise or purchase gift cards for friends and family. If the eatery sells T-shirts, for example, you can buy one and wear it around town to let passersby know their Hawaiian food or Japanese takeout is unbeatable. Share your purchases on social media to give the restaurant an extra boost. 


Order Hawaiian food from Kawamoto Store, the Hilo restaurant serving Big Island residents and tourists for over 70 years. Also specializing in Filipino and Japanese food, this restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus as well as catering services. Call (808) 935-8209 today to place an order, or check out the menu online. You can also see the latest reviews on Yelp