With the holiday season on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about gifts. A thoughtful present is a wonderful way to show your loved ones you care. You can also use this opportunity to support local businesses that may be struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s a gift card to your spouse’s favorite sushi spot or a unique piece purchased from an area artist, when you buy local, both you and your community benefit. 

Why You Should Shop Local

Local businesses lack the capital and credit of major corporations, so they experience greater financial hardships when they pause or limit business operations. By buying local, you give a small business much-needed cash flow.

sushiYou’re also supporting the community. Local businesses create local jobs and support one another. For example, a restaurant may buy produce from area farms. From a funky boutique to a family-owned coffee shop, local businesses  make your community one-of-a-kind as well.

How to Shop Local This Holiday Season

There are many ways you can support local businesses this holiday season, even with COVID-19 restrictions. Many merchants still offer their goods for curbside pickup or via online shops.

Eateries may have takeout or delivery available or even be open for dine-in with limited capacity. For businesses that are temporarily shuttered, such as restaurants or salons, buy gift cards online that you can use when they reopen.

If you don't have much money to spend, you can lend your support in non-financial ways. Write online reviews for your favorite businesses, or follow them on social media to like and share their posts.


If you want delicious Japanese food, sushi, or Hawaiian cuisine for safe pickup or delivery, check out Kawamoto Store in Hilo, HI. This locally owned restaurant is maintaining operations throughout the pandemic. Committed to their customers' well-being, they’ve set up a sanitation station by the door for those coming by for takeout and regularly wipe down surfaces and counters in their store. Whether you’re craving sushi or in the mood for okazuya, they’ll satisfy your taste buds. View their full menu online, and call (808) 935-8209 to place an order.