Security is key to feeling safe in your apartment, so keep it just as protected as any home. Unlike houses, apartments have one main access point, which means that door needs to as secure as possible. Deadbolt locks are a common form of security, but there are several other locks utilized in apartment buildings.

4 Common Types of Apartment Door Locks

1. Deadbolts

Perhaps the most popular, and one of the most secure of its kind, deadbolt locks can be found in various residential and commercial buildings. In apartments, you’re likely to see single jimmy-proof deadbolt locks. These surface-mounted locks are crafted to be resistant to jimmying, making break-ins from the outside difficult.  

2. Swing Locks

One of the more inexpensive but effective apartment add-on locks is the swing lock. These prevent doors from opening past a certain point, allowing you to answer your door without the risk of someone forcing it open. They’re fast and easy for your locksmith to install, and they add a level of security to existing locks.

3. Knob Locks

deadbolt locksDoorknob locks can be found on just about any door inside a residential building. Because they are fairly breakable when enough force is exerted, they are primarily for indoor use. Some apartment doors have knob locks, but they are almost always accompanied by a swing and deadbolt lock.

4. Mortise Locks

If your landlord wants to go out of their way to protect their apartment complex, Mortise locks are ideal. They’re highly durable, customizable, and built with complex mechanisms that are difficult to bust through. This older lock type has withstood the test of time with its reliability and strength.


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