Spring has arrived and summer is approaching, so RV owners are getting ready to hit the road. Before you take your vehicle out of storage, however, you should complete some basic maintenance and RV repairs to ensure the trip proceeds smoothly and safely. Here are some tips on taking your RV out of storage. 

A Guide to Removing a RV From Storage

1. Flush and Sanitize the Water System

Most RV owners put antifreeze into the water system before storing their vehicles for winter. This prevents pipes from freezing and then leaking or bursting. When the RV is removed from storage, the antifreeze must be flushed out with fresh water. The system also needs to be sanitized with a bleach solution to ensure the water is clean and safe for drinking, cooking, and showering.  

2. Inspect the Exterior

RV repairs

Water damage can lead to costly RV repairs, so preventing leaks can save you money. Before your first trip, perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle's exterior. Pay extra attention to the roof, which can be prone to leaks. The sealant may have deteriorated from old age, cold temperatures, or rodents. You should also look for any cracks, holes, or gaps that should be fixed and add weatherstripping around windows and doors. 

3. Prepare the Batteries

RV batteries will lose some charge while stored for the winter. Before hitting the road, you should prepare the batteries by testing the voltage and recharging them as necessary. If they do not achieve the highest level of charge, they may need to be replaced. Additionally, you should examine the terminals for any signs of corrosion and check the water level. By keeping your batteries in good health, you can continue to enjoy using your RV. 

4. Check the Tires

Similarly, tires also slowly lose air pressure during the months spent in storage. If your region experiences very cold winters, your RV's tires will become even more deflated. Driving with underinflated tires is dangerous, as it can result in poor handling, loss of control, and blowouts. If you get into an accident, your vehicle will likely need significant RV repairs. Even worse, people could experience serious injuries. However, you can prevent a disaster by filling the tires to the recommended psi level.


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