When students are having a tough time with math, Mathnasium of Avon in Hartford County, CT, recommends hiring a math tutor. By implementing the Mathnasium Method—an approach to math tutoring that’s been 35 years in the making—their tutoring service ensures that children get the personalized one-on-one assistance they need to succeed in school and beyond.

The Importance of Math Tutoring

Homework Help

math tutoringCompleting exercises at home is an integral part of learning math. However, when kids can’t ask their teachers for help, they can feel confused about the subject matter. Hiring a math tutor is an excellent way to ensure that your child is given the ongoing support that they need to complete homework assignments correctly, thus boosting their performance in class.

Test Prep

Math is a major component of all standardized testing needed to graduate from secondary school and get accepted into the college of your choice. In order to pass these exams and earn the best scores possible, many students require personalized math tutoring from experienced teachers. Meeting with a math tutor several times a week ensures that they’re fully prepared for examinations in their classes, as well as SAT and ACT tests, which are required by most colleges for entry.


Of course, math tutoring doesn’t just help your kids get good grades and get into college—it also improves their chances of understanding the subject, thus opening doors for their career and personal pursuits. With a variety of curricula available that relies on visual, mental, verbal and tactile exercises, students at Mathnasium of Avon are given the unique opportunity of not only passing their classes, but comprehending the theories behind the equations.

Hiring a math tutoring service allows your child to get the grades that they need to get into college and succeed in their career. To learn more about Mathnasium of Avon and the Mathnasium Method, call (860) 785-6284 or visit them online for an overview of the program.