When your Apple® computer goes on the fritz, your best bet is to visit a professional who can handle Mac® repair. However, there are a few preparations you must make before visiting the store. To ensure the best outcome for your computer, follow these steps.

How to Prepare for Mac Repair

1. Backup Your Data

You don’t want to lose your working files, music, photos, and other data, so back it up onto an external hard drive or the cloud. Should the computer be damaged, you’ll have all your files available from your secondary storage source.

Apple makes this process simple. All you have to do is go to System Preference>Time Machine and toggle the switch to “On.” You can then choose a backup location, and the device will make copies of all your data.

2. Remove or Encrypt Personal Data

mac repair

Mac repair professionals take every step to be respectful of your private content. Still, it’s wise to clear stored passwords from your web browser. Also, gather all of your personal files, including financials, and remove them after they’ve been backed up elsewhere.

As an alternative, you can encrypt the files. Open Finder and connect to the drive you want to encrypt. Then choose “Encrypt,” enter a password, and count on the drive being secure from unauthorized personnel.

3. Gather Accessories

You don’t want to slow down the Mac repair process, so bring all the accessories the technicians will need, including all power cables and your wireless or hardwire mouse and keyboard. If you'll be supplying any access passwords to the professionals, create a list they can use.


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