A cracked phone screen may only seem like a cosmetic issue, which is why many people put off phone screen repairs. However, you’ll quickly find that you face more problems than just aesthetics when your screen stays damaged. Below are a few of the issues you can experience when you have a broken phone screen.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Phone Screen Repairs

1. Parts Damage

All the sensitive parts of your phone sit beneath the screen. When you break this barrier, dirt, dust, and moisture can all get in. As a result, you may soon find that you’re dealing with a damaged logic board, broken ports, or busted LEDs. These all require more extensive repairs and, in the worst case, may render your phone useless.

2. Injury

phone-screen-repairs-parkvilleIf your glass screen shatters, it can cut your thumb or break off in your skin. You could also be injured putting the broken screen to your ear. Professionals know how to handle splintered screens safely, whether they're resolving minor cracking or applying a new screen that restores all of the touch functions.

3. Warranty

Depending on when you purchased your device and the care plan you have, phone screen repairs may be free for a specified period. However, if you put off the repairs, you might have to cover the cost on your own. Depending on the extent of repairs, a screen can be replaced in as little as an hour, so it's best to handle it while you're still under warranty.

4. Poor Performance

At the end of the day, a broken phone screen is an inconvenience. You won't enjoy videos or be able to read text clearly, and you'll have trouble scrolling or with other touchscreen commands. Get the most from your device by having it fixed right away.


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