A computer is nothing without a quality operating system, which is why users have relied on Microsoft’s Windows software for decades. This operating system is continually being improved, with the latest version the best one yet. Below are a few compelling reasons why you should discuss the upgrade with a computer services professional.

Why Should You Upgrade to Windows 10®?

1. Security

Malware, hacks, and data breaches are devastating cybersecurity issues, which is why Microsoft prioritized security with Windows 10. It comes with Microsoft’s Defender® antivirus software and the Windows Firewall® already installed to provide industry-leading protection. There are also recovery features that drastically improve upon Windows 7 and 8 systems.

2. Speed

Microsoft knows that speed is something computer users can never have enough of, so they focused on improving startup speeds with Windows 10. In some cases, it rivals and even beats the boot-time of Apple® devices, and the DirectX 12 3D® game engine introduces a whole new level of graphic performance and processing.

3. One-Drive Synching

computer servicesThe cloud is a focal point for computer services, as it’s a place to collaborate and back up valuable data. Windows 10 uses Microsoft’s OneDrive® to seamlessly connect users. This will allow you to access content directly through your browser and store content online instead of taking up hard drive space.

4. App Store

The days of buying physical software and installing it onto your computer are gone. Today, users can easily discover new software through the app store and then deploy it in full-screen or windowed mode while they use other programs. All of this is included in a sleek, user-friendly design that easily integrates with third-party apps.

5. Touch Functionality

Windows 10 places emphasis on improving the touchscreen experience. Users will find it’s far more responsive and that you have greater control over computer operations with your fingertips. In fact, Windows 10 can be just as good as tablet-designed software, and may even exceed it depending on how you choose to use your device.


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