While it may not seem obvious, there’s a science to choosing colors for business signs. Shades influence the way we look at everything from logos to advertisements. That’s why it’s important for you to understand how colors affect consumers, and which ones you should use to boost your company’s image. Hightech Signs of Texarkana, TX, explains the influence of color on sign reception below. 

What Is the Science of Color in Marketing?

According to research, colors play a big role in swaying moods and attitudes. In fact, when it comes to products or services, approximately 60-90% of decisions are made due to color. So, what exactly are the shades you pick telling consumers?

business signsTwo colors frequently used by businesses are red and blue. Blue is the most popular color throughout the majority of the world, so it’s not surprising it has such a positive reception when used for business signs. People see it as a cool, calming hue that welcomes buyers, demonstrates reliability, and encourages loyalty. Red, on the other hand, is seen as energetic and attention-grabbing. This is why it is often used to promote sales.

How Can This Knowledge Help With Business Sign Reception?

Businesses can and should use the psychology of color to their advantage. Certain hues can be used to exhibit particular images you want to impress upon consumers. Burgundy, for instance, portrays opulence and refinery. Restaurants and food stores can use yellow, as it improves moods and increases appetite. If you use the right shades to evoke positive associations, your company could benefit greatly.

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