From getting a new business sign to offering up a holiday sale, small choices you make can alter the way customers perceive your company. One that can get overlooked is parking lot lighting and maintenance. Not only does it enhance your aura of professionalism, but it also offers the below advantages.

3 Advantages of Illuminating Your Parking Lot

1. Appeals to Customers

As the days get shorter, artificial lighting becomes that much more important to everyday tasks. When people run errands after work or try to squeeze in some late-night holiday shopping, they will be drawn to areas that stand out because they are well-lit. In addition to ample parking lot lighting, consider investing in a high-quality business sign to advertise your location.

business sign2. Lowers Crime Opportunities

According to a study done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in ten property crimes happens in parking lots or garages. This can range from muggings to carjackings. While lighting alone will not rid a parking lot of crime, illuminating the space can help deter these common incidences and play a role in making the area safer.

3. Helps Prevent Accidents

Furthermore, proper lighting in your business’s parking lot can prevent people from slipping and falling. If someone sustains an injury while on your property, your business could be held liable. Sufficient lighting can also reduce the risk of on-site parking accidents.


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