Every year, approximately 9% of small businesses suffer a burglary or robbery with average losses of $8,000. Most small business owners can’t afford to shoulder this cost alone, which makes a comprehensive security system and the services of a commercial locksmith such a valuable investment. Below are a few tips for securing your business against burglars, thieves, and other criminals.

4 Tips for Protecting Your Business Against Burglary

1. Padlock Doors & Gates

commercial locksmithMost burglaries are crimes of opportunity, so even the smallest obstacle can deter all but the most committed criminals. Padlock both the front and back doors of your business, as well as the loading docks, and make sure your employees understand the importance of locking up every night.

2. Install Access Control Systems

If your business handles valuable merchandise, operates expensive machinery, or maintains confidential customer records, an access control system should be a crucial part of your security infrastructure. These systems use keycards or punch codes instead of keys to limit access to certain areas. Only employees with clearance can enter these specific rooms. 

3. Lock Valuables in a Safe

Burglars are usually looking for high-value items like jewelry, cash, and expensive merchandise. Locking valuable assets in a safe every night will help limit your losses if somebody does manage to break in.

4. Call a Commercial Locksmith If a Key Is Lost

A lost key is a major security risk, so responding quickly is essential for protecting your business. If you or an employee loses a key, call a commercial locksmith to replace all of the locks or key cards immediately.


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