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About American Water and Plumbing

Since 1962

Is your water hard or soft? If you don’t know the answer, you will benefit from the water purification services offered at American Water Conditioning in Harrison, OH. Soft water will improve your life by eliminating the calcium and magnesium present in your hard water. As a water softener works, it not only enhances the taste of your water, but it can prevent scale buildup in your appliances and eliminate your dry hair and skin.

We provide an economically friendly and practical solution to water problems. They understand the need for soft water and help their customers find the right water softeners and water filtration products. No matter if you primarily get your water from a well or have city water, you will benefit from the products offered both on a personal and economic level.

In addition to their filter and softener service, plumbing services are available. From backups in your toilet to garbage disposals that have stopped working, our plumbing staff has over 30 years of experience that will be put to work for you to provide solutions quickly.

Contact American Water Conditioning to learn more about their water softeners and purification services. Call the office today at (513) 367-4888 or visit their website for more information.