When dealing with an injury or illness, using emergency transportation can be costly and unnecessary. Non-emergency medical transportation offers an affordable and efficient solution for those who need a ride to the doctor, hospital, physical therapist, or another health practitioner. Metro Luxury Inc. in Bronx, New York employs a fleet of hundreds of vehicles designed to transport their clients in non-emergency medical situations. Below, they explain why their service is valued by both their customers and the medical community.

3 Reasons Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Is Important 

1. Provides Transportation to Those Who Don’t Have It

It’s not always necessary to own a vehicle in a large city, but there are Non-Emergency Medical Transportationmoments when you need access to one. For those who do not own a car, a transportation service allows them to be mobile and enjoy more freedom. When you need to make an important appointment to address your health, it’s a comfort to know that you don’t have to own a car. 

2. Transports Patients Safely After a Procedure

Even minor procedures can leave patients feeling tired, groggy, or weak. In these instances, it’s beneficial to be able to count on the assistance of others. If friends or loved ones are not able to help, a non-emergency medical transportation service can help clients get home safely. 

3. Saves Important Resources for Emergency Use

Often, patients need to use an ambulance to get to the hospital. After being treated and stabilized, however, they may be left without a way to get home. Using non-emergency medical transportation frees up emergency vehicles and resources for those who need them.

When you need to get to a healthcare practitioner without using an emergency vehicle, a non-emergency medical transportation service can help. Metro Luxury Inc. in Bronx, New York serves clients throughout the Tri-State area. Their professional drivers can be relied upon to make sure you reach your destination safely and in comfort. To book their services, call (718) 665-4900 or visit them online.