As a person ages, it's not uncommon for response times to slow, eyesight, and hearing to lose some of their sharpness, and mobility issues to present a barrier to effectively getting around. A car service will ensure your loved one gets where they need to go while letting them maintain a certain degree of independence. First, however, you need to be aware of some common signs that it may be time for a loved one to turn over their car keys.

Warning Signs of Unsafe Senior Driving

1. Vehicle Damage

Check your loved one's vehicle for damage. Bear in mind that not all damage will be as obvious as major dents or shattered windows. Look for dings, scratches, and other subtler indicators that safe driving may become more of a challenge.

If you find something concerning, discuss it with your loved one. Maintain a non-accusatory tone and approach the subject from a place of care.

2. Traffic Tickets

car serviceA senior having trouble driving might accrue traffic tickets with greater frequency. However, you may need to ask them directly about this, since you'd actually have to see the tickets to be able to determine if driving has become a problem.

If you're not comfortable asking them directly, or the senior isn't providing a clear answer, take a different approach. Ask them if their car insurance rates have gone up. If so, they've likely gotten some traffic tickets, which can mean it's time to consider other forms of transportation like a car service.

3. Lower Confidence

An aging individual struggling with their ability to drive may experience decreased confidence about getting behind the wheel. They may ask others to drive, or they may start to pull back from social events so they can avoid the roads.

In many cases, this is the senior attempting to try to take control of the situation and prevent an accident. On some level, they are already aware their driving faculties are slipping.



If you've noticed any of these red flags, talk to your loved about the possibility of using a car service for their regular outings. Metro Luxury, Corp., has been providing reliable transportation services to New York City for over 25 years. Their professional drivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for standard taxi service, non-emergency medical transportation, and any other passenger transport you may need. Call (718) 665-4900 or visit them online to schedule a ride.