When carrying out a roof replacement or building a new home, many homeowners overlook the opportunity to consider what color their roof will be. While standard gray shingles will suit many tastes and styles, there are many alternatives sure to enhance a home’s exterior and boost curb appeal. Have a look at a few handy tips to keep in mind when making your choice in the following article.

How to Pick a Color for Your Roof

1. Consider Roof Size

If you’re planning to install a larger roof, consider how much area the finished structure will take up. While bold or unusual colors can make an eye-catching statement, they can also be a distraction or disrupt your exterior decorations. Try pairing swatches of contrasting or complementary color schemes on paper or in digital modeling software to get an idea of what the results of your selection will look like.

2. Research Roofing Materials

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Slate, wooden shakes and shingles, metals, clay, and other roofing materials all come in a wide variety of natural colors which could be the perfect addition to your home. While any of these may be treated with artificial or after-market colors, natural pigmentation will typically last longer and look better. Before scheduling a roof replacement, research various roofing material colors and choose the one most likely to suit your tastes.

3. Consider the Surroundings

Many home builders make the mistake of choosing colors and decorative schemes without considering how they’ll contrast with a home’s surroundings. This can result in a structure whose appearance clashes with the buildings and the area around it. Consider factors such as local building styles and popular or naturally occurring colors to choose one which will stand out from its surroundings even as it complements them.


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