Your roofing keeps your home dry and comfortable and protects your family from the elements. Although the surface is sturdy, you may need to replace it if leaks or punctures develop. If you have a roof replacement appointment coming up, here’s how you can get ready.

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Roof Replacement

1. Notify the Neighbors

Roof replacements involve the use of tools and equipment that produce loud noises, which is why it is polite to let your neighbors know what to expect. Additionally, tell them not to be alarmed if they see workers and personnel entering and exiting your property.

2. Remove Wall Hangings

roof replacementThe workers will use hammers and drills to install the new roof, and these tools may cause the walls to vibrate. As a result, artwork, portraits, and wall hangings may fall and become damaged, so remove them before the appointment.

3. Board Pets

Board your furry friends to prevent them from getting in the way of workers or potentially becoming injured by falling debris. Alternatively, ask friends or family members if your pets can stay with them until the project is complete.

4. Move Vehicles & Patio Furniture

Your contractor will remove your old roofing material before they can lay the replacement. During this process, it is possible for shingles, hardware, and gutters to fall, potentially damaging what is on the ground. Move your vehicles and patio furniture at least 15 to 20 feet away from the perimeter of your home so that they’re protected.


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