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About Therapy Now

Peace Is Not The Absence Of Conflict But The Ability To Cope With It

If you feel that you’ve exhausted your options, and if your marriage or relationship has not progressed as you had hoped for, it’s time to consider Therapy Now. The premier marriage and relationship therapy center from Zhuta Enterprises LTD, with offices in Stamford and Greenwich, CT, specializes in one-of-a-kind, innovative approaches to couples counseling.

With over a decade of experience in professional relationship counseling, Therapy Now is dedicated to client satisfaction, and strives to form relationships with clients that produce clear results. No two issues are alike between couples, which is why each course of treatment prescribed by the marriage therapist is designed to suit each unique group. The healing solutions provided by Therapy Now, rooted in effective uses of psychology, are personalized to suit the needs and goals of every couple.

Furthermore, unlike so many standard therapy practices, Therapy Now offers patients flexible hours, and is willing to take appointments seven days a week.

Conveniently located just outside of New York City, Therapy Now works to rebuild relationships for the long term. If you, your partner, your spouse, or your friend needs help finding a licensed therapist and marriage counselor in the Greenwich and Stamford area, contact the practice today.

Therapy Now can be reached by calling (203) 721-7975. To begin, feel encouraged to schedule a no-risk consultation with any one of the therapists through the office’s website.