The way you drive has a large impact on the health of your car. Certain operating habits can damage key components, leading to auto repair shop visits and a shortened vehicle life span. Here are some common habits that can have you calling a mechanic.

4 Bad Driving Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Car

1. Barreling Over Bumps

Racing over speed bumps, railroad tracks, and potholes affects the alignment, suspension, and tires. Bolting over obstacles also causes forceful impacts and rough jostling, and it can throw off the wheel alignment. This ultimately leads to uneven tire wear, rough handling, and suspension strain.

2. Shifting Before Stopping

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Shifting into drive or reverse while the vehicle is still rolling damages the drivetrain and transmission. This is because it wears the coupling mechanism and differential, causing more damage that will eventually lead to transmission service.

3. Driving With Incorrect Tire Pressure

The air pressure in the tires may not seem like a big deal, but it affects the way your car handles. Driving with too much or little air increases the risk of blowouts and uneven tread wear. It also heightens the risk of accidents due to diminished handling.

4. Accelerating or Braking Aggressively

Ease to a stop to avoid wearing the brake pads and rotors, which thin over time due to friction. Accelerating suddenly also damages the vehicle since it forces the engine to work harder to meet your speed.


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