Thousands of years ago, wigs and hair pieces were signs of social status and power. Today, the hair alternatives are popular for a number of other reasons. Gilda’s Hair Studio in Fairfield, OH, is the region’s leading center for hair replacement and other hair-loss solutions, and their experts understand how important your hair is to your self-image.

In addition to offering cutting-edge and award-winning hair styling services, the salon specializes in providing treatments that are customized to each client’s unique hair color and texture. Gilda’s Hair Studio has seen the evolution of wigs and hair pieces over the decades and has kept up with the innovations.

Hair pieces have come a long way since women and men in ancient Egypt wore wigs to showcase their social class. Those adornments were made of vegetable fibers, sheep’s wool, or human hair, and they often included gold braids and gold or ivory ornaments. Wigs also provided relief from the blazing Egyptian sun.

Fairfield-OH-wigsGreeks and Romans also once considered wigs and hair pieces to be status symbols. In China, hair additions were heavily used by actors. Between 1200 and 1400 A.D., wig use fell by the wayside due to harsh financial times, and some religions required women to cover their hair with scarves or other pieces of cloth. However, by the time of the European Renaissance from the 14th to 17th centuries, wigs and hair pieces had regained popularity and taken on elaborate styles.

Today, salons such as Gilda’s Hair Studio offer top-quality pieces made of human hair to provide a natural look. As a client, you’re guaranteed to receive a custom-made wig or hair piece designed to fit your lifestyle.

Gilda’s Hair Studio specializes in treating a wide range of hair and scalp disorders, using laser hair treatments and other nonsurgical services. The salon specializes in helping those who have experienced hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia, and baldness. To schedule a consultation, call Gilda’s Hair Studio at (513) 829-2221 or send a message on their website, where you will find extensive information about their services for men and women.