Rehabilitation Center
Red Rock Recovery Center
12567 W Cedar Dr, Denver, CO 80228

About Red Rock Recovery Center

Are you or a loved one suffering from substance abuse? While the first step may be admitting you’re suffering from an issue, the next step is finding a treatment center whose sole focus is to guide you through every step toward recovery. At Red Rock Recovery Center in Lakewood, CO, you’ll find their facility is a safe haven for those impacted by addiction. Their 12-step program applies life skill and behavioral therapies, giving patients the tools needed to heal.

No matter what ailments you’re suffering from, the staff at this recovery center offers various services and programs to help you or your loved one recover. In addition to alcohol and drug addiction treatment, the curriculum for patients during their stay focuses on:

  • Long-term recovery
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Relapse prevention
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Family and social relationships

Not every form of addiction is the same, which means not every treatment will work for any individual. That’s why individual counseling is available as well, which will be tailored to the client’s specific needs so they can make a full recovery. Their counseling curriculum is also tailored to several recovery-related topics, including trauma, harmful thoughts, family dynamics, and self-esteem.

Whether you’re making the call for yourself or for someone you care about, it will be one of the most important phone calls you’ll ever make. Take matters into your own hands and restart your life toward sober living by calling Red Rock Recovery Center today at (855) 719-1097 You can also like them on Facebook and visit their website for more information.