An underground sprinkler system is a worthy investment to keep your lawn and garden functional and presentable. However, this type of equipment requires maintenance to remain functional. Generally, you should examine your property's irrigation system at least once each year to check for signs of disrepair. The following guide outlines a few issues to look for when deciding whether you need to schedule repairs.

What Issues Indicate Problems With Your Irrigation System?

1. Increases or Decreases in Water Pressure

A sudden change in water pressure is often the first sign that something might be wrong with your irrigation equipment. Too much force puts extra strain on the components, decreasing the system's life expectancy. However, low pressure won't provide a lawn with an adequate amount of water. If there is no obvious problem with the valves or regulators, the pressure change is likely being caused by an issue with one of the underground pipes.

2. Uneven Lawn Coverage

Sprinkler system

A mixture of oversaturated areas and dry, burnt patches across your grass is a telltale sign that something is amiss with the sprinkler system. Properly working equipment should consistently provide even coverage throughout the lawn. Leaks and sprinkler head or valve malfunctions are the most common issues that cause uneven water dispersal.

3. Higher-Than-Normal Water Bills

If you receive a utility bill and notice a large, unexpected jump in your water usage, the irrigation system is likely to blame. The most common culprit is a leak that allows water to flow continuously into the ground. As soon as you become aware of an abnormal rise in water costs, contact a landscaping or sprinkler repair company to inspect your system and check for leaks or broken, cracked, or burst pipes.


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