Getting your child excited about reading will foster a lifelong love and appreciation for the written word. For some young learners, reading may not initially seem like a fun pastime, or they may encounter issues and require some additional reading help. Below, the English tutors at FasTracKids in Brooklyn, New York, share three ways to get your child interested in reading.

3 Ways to Get Your Child Interested in Reading

1. Let Them Pick Out the Books

We all have favorite books and stories from our childhoods that we'd love to pass on to our own kids. But a surefire way to get a child excited about reading is to put them in charge of what they read. Resist the urge to try to make your favorite books their favorite books; give them the freedom to explore the materials and subjects that interest them most. When a child is into the subject matter they're reading about, it's considerably easier to get them involved and engaged in their own reading education.

2. Don't Limit Yourself to BooksEnglish tutor

For some kids, just the sight of a book may automatically signal a "fun-free zone." In these situations, let your child read any other appropriate publications to which they feel drawn. This might mean your child prefers a kid's magazine or a child-friendly newspaper. Or, you may have to think outside the box. A catalog? A pamphlet? A website? The encyclopedia? The sky's the limit on the reading material available, so don't be afraid to get creative if books are a turnoff.

3. Encourage Storytelling

Many kids love to spin tall tales and tell larger-than-life stories. If they seem hesitant about reading books, a good way to drum up some interest is to make them the storyteller. Encourage your child to tell their fanciful fictions, and let them know that books contain equally fascinating stories. Or, you could read the beginning of a story with your child, then have them create the rest of the story in their own words. By making the experience more interactive, you are creating a lot more fun for your child.

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