The trees that surround your business provide shade and a pleasing aesthetic. However, they can become overgrown if not cared for properly, creating safety hazards and visibility issues. Here are three reasons why you should consider scheduling regular tree trimming for your business.

Why Should Your Business Do Regular Tree Trimming?

1. Visibility & Appearance

Regular tree trimming keeps your business easy to locate and looking polished, and removing dead branches encourages new, healthy growth that will add visual appeal to your property. Too many dead or overgrown trees may give customers a negative first impression, deterring them from visiting. Overgrowth can also prevent customers from finding your address or reading any signage you have outside. If delivery drivers have difficulty finding your business due to obstructing trees, you may even experience shipment delays. 

2. Property Protection

Loose branches, especially if large in size, can become a safety hazard to customers and cause damage to your building if they fall. Branches that interfere with exterior electrical wiring need to be trimmed back or removed. An overgrown branch that is too close to the wires on your property could become a fire hazard or cause a power outage, especially during a storm. 

tree trimming

Monitor your trees regularly for any significant changes to their growth. Trees become very unstable and prone to falling when they are rotting or dead. A landscaping team can examine the health of the trees on your property and make recommendations for removal if necessary. 

3. Parking Lot Maintenance

Trees should be trimmed enough to keep them out of the way of parked cars and trucks, removing any branches that are in danger of falling. Overgrown trees often have low-hanging limbs that may scratch up vehicles or block access to parking spaces. If you have larger trucks using your parking lot or coming by to make deliveries, keep them in mind when trimming to a particular height.


When it's time to schedule tree trimming for your business, call LPN Landscaping & Tree Service LLC in Waialua. We have served satisfied clients across Oahu for over 30 years, and our cutting-edge equipment will keep your property safe and looking its best. Visit our website for more information about our landscaping and tree services, or call (808) 677-6746 for a free estimate.