You may not give much thought to your local rebar mill, but there’s no denying the impressive impact this metal component has in everyday life. Without rebar, construction workers would have a hard time putting together long-lasting buildings. Here are a few more interesting facts about rebar, courtesy of Byer Steel in Cincinnati, OH.

Top 5 Interesting Rebar Facts

1. Made in America

rebar millMost American construction companies use materials made by a domestic rebar mill. According to the U.S. International Trade Commission, approximately 93% of all rebar used in the United States is produced within the country.

2. Saving the Planet

These days, rebar is primarily made from recycled materials. In fact, normal-grade rebar is 97% recycled material. Old appliances, hot water heaters, and junk cars are just a few of the materials that can be used to produce rebar.

3. Turn Up the Heat

To make new pieces of rebar, rebar mills use a specialized furnace to melt the scrap metal. The melted material is cast into billets and rolled into a bar shape. The material will then either be cut to length and cooled, or spooled and cut in a reforming tub.

4. Reworking the Railroad

Railroad axles are another recycled metal that can be used for rebar. Notably, because the railroad axles already have the correct shape, the metal doesn’t need to be melted down as in the typical manufacturing process.

5. Big Producers

6.3 million tons of rebar were made in the United States in 2012, generating over $4 billion in revenue. Other major worldwide producers include China, Mexico, and Turkey.

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