While many people associate getting a keg of beer with a college party, this large container is one of the most versatile ways to provide refreshments for a professional gathering. Thanks to the financial and environmental benefits of getting kegs from a beer distributor, they are becoming popular with older and more refined crowds, as they are an easy way to serve many guests. Below are several advantages of opting for this beverage option for your next corporate event or friendly get-together.

Why Should You Purchase a Keg for a Party?

1. Save Money

A half-barrel keg is equivalent to about 160 cans of beer, which is a lot for a small party. Since the producer doesn't have to package, label, and distribute individual cans and bottles, they can sell a large keg of beer for a much lower per serving cost. This makes the process more affordable for both the producer and consumer. This is especially useful if you are planning a large event, as buying multiple kegs further reduces the cost of supplying drinks for everyone. Plus, when you work with a beer distributor, they can even deliver and set up a bar station, saving you time as you prepare for the event. 

2. Reduce Waste

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Buying kegs is more sustainable than purchasing multiple cases of bottles or cans. Since there isn't any cardboard, metal, or glass packaging, you don't have to worry about excess waste ending up in landfills. Plus, you can opt for washable glassware or reusable plastic cups, allowing guests to get multiple drinks from the same container. This further reduces the waste you generate during the event.

3. Increase Variety

While most people associate a keg with beer, this large container can serve a variety of alcoholic drinks. For example, a beer distributor can often get you a keg that contains hard seltzers, specialty beers, and ciders, giving your guests plenty of options. This ensures everyone attending the gathering can find a drink that they like, making the night more enjoyable.


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