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It takes a strong person to admit when they’re in need of assistance, whether it’s financially, emotionally, or legally. The law office of Sippel Law Firm PLLC has been providing assistance in all of these areas to the residents of Kingman, AZ, for over 35 years. From cases in real estate law to wills and trusts, their attorney, Mark Sippel, is knowledgeable and caring, doing everything in his power to provide the best possible outcome in your case.

Every practicing attorney has an education and has passed a bar exam, but what sets this lawyer apart from others is his dedication to alleviating the pressures that come with needing legal advice. Through compassion and understanding, he’s able to successfully represent you in multiple areas of law including bankruptcy, guardianships, business formation, elder care, and conservatorships. He will be there for you to the very end, including any follow up matters.

Not every attorney you meet understands you have needs beyond the case--they may only view you as another number. Believe in the combination of expertise and kindness at Sippel Law Firm PLLC. Visit them online for additional information about the services they provide or call at (928) 753-2889.


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"Being a critical thinker and an educator, Sippel advised and gave me details about my decision to file. He and his staff were friendly and able to answer my questions. Sippel explained the schedule to file, appear in court, and what happens when debt is discharged. I was very confident with Sippel and the process."... more
- Kimberly Casey [Google My Business, December 12, 2020]