Have you noticed dripping water inside your home, stained ceilings, or buckling ceiling material? These are all signs of a roof leak. The roof is a crucial aspect of your home, keeping you and your belongings dry and ensuring that your home maintains its structural integrity. Roof leaks that start small can turn into significant problems, so you must take action quickly.

How to Minimize Damage from Roof Leaks

1. Protect Belongings

Dripping water will damage furniture, electronics, clothing, rugs, and more. Even if you do not see water coming all the way through, clear the area directly under the leak to protect your possessions. Because water may splash or bounce off items below it, cover furniture and other belongings within a 3-foot radius of the leak with a plastic tarp.

2. Capture Water

Place a bucket or other watertight container under the leak to contain water and prevent further damage. Make sure that the bucket is large enough to hold the water without overflowing. Check and empty the bucket periodically. If possible, look in the attic to see how much water has accumulated. If it is a significant amount, make small holes in the ceiling to release excess water, making sure that the bucket can hold it all. This will prevent more damage to the entire roof.

3. Dry Out the Area

Roof leakIf water is already inside the house, it can cause structural damage and provide an environment for mold to grow. You must act quickly to prevent costly damage. If you have carpet, soak up as much water as possible with towels. Then, pull the carpet away from the padding and dry it out with fans or dehumidifiers. For tile floors, use towels and then mop the remainder. Wipe down hard furniture and use fans to dry out soft furniture such as mattresses and upholstered sofas.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

Review your homeowner’s policy to check your deductible and call your insurance company if you think the damage is extensive. If the repair and replacement cost is likely to be more than your deductible, you should file a claim.

5. Find a Reputable Roofer

After finishing short-term damage control, you must fix the roof leak. Look for a contractor that specializes in roofing, not a handyman or general contractor. Your roofer should be licensed and bonded and have a reputation for excellent service so they can fix your roof correctly.


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