No one looks forward to needing home electrical repair, but putting it off will only make your problems worse. As a top-rated electrician in Honolulu, HI, AA Electric has seen how a simple repair job can quickly turn into an expensive fix because the homeowner didn’t act soon enough. You rely on your electrical system to power your entire household, and maintaining your electrical wiring is always worth the effort.

Here are three common home electrical repair issues that should never be ignored:

  • Circuit Breaker Issues: It’s not uncommon to trip a breaker, but if you find yourself visiting the breaker box several times a month, that’s an indication that something is wrong. Your circuit breaker may be outdated, or there could be a more serious issue behind the problem. Instead of making constant trips to flip a blown breaker, call an electrician to find out the root of the problem.
  • electricianExcessively Hot Ceiling Fixtures: It’s normal for light bulbs to warm the lighting fixtures that surround them—especially if the light has been on for several hours—but if the fixture is hot to the touch or you can feel heat radiating off the fixture without even touching it, it may not have been insulated properly. Try switching to a bulb with a lower wattage, but if the problem persists, it’s important to call a professional to avoid a fire hazard.
  • Electrical Shocks: Receiving an electrical shock—even a tiny one—after plugging a device into a wall outlet is always something to be concerned about. It means there’s an issue with your home’s electrical wiring, and if ignored, the problem will only get worse.

AA Electric is a licensed electrical company that values customer service and getting the job done right. Safety is one of their top priorities, and they want to help keep you, your family, and your property safe from things like electrocution and electrical fire. Call them today at (808) 841-4131, or visit their website for more information on home electrical repair.