Electrical service plays a critical role in healthcare settings, supplying the power for everything from medical instruments and life-saving equipment to lighting, computers, and administrative systems. Here are some tips on implementing safety practices for those in management roles for the well-being of patients, guests, and visitors.

What Are Ways to Ensure Electrical Safety For Healthcare Settings?

1. Use Extension Cords With Caution

Extension cords can be convenient, but they aren't designed for long-term use. They can quickly wear out and expose their internal elements, which can become a fire risk. Also, if not properly secured, extension cords become a tripping hazard. Avoid issues by only using extension cords as a short-term solution. If you need more outlets installed to accommodate the electrical needs in a particular room or part of the facility, have a professional install them.

2. Update Floor Layouts

Electrical Services

Each floor of the building should have a layout that details the locations of components such as outlets and cables. These plans can help you maintain the safety and efficiency of your electrical services, ensuring they meet the needs of various rooms. They can also be vital in determining where new or relocated equipment will have the easiest access. Be sure to update floor plans regularly to reflect the current layouts and conditions in all areas of the facility.

3. Utilize Surge Protectors

In spaces that have greater electrical demands, surge protectors should be used as much as possible. They prevent spikes in energy caused by power surges and storms from reaching sensitive medical equipment. 

Choose medical-grade protectors, as these devices often have greater capacity, safety covers, heavy-duty cords, and plugs. A few may also offer antimicrobial surface protection. They will reduce the risk of your electrical equipment overheating, keeping the facility safer and crucial healthcare processes running smoothly.


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