In today’s world of electronics and modern convenience, a power strip is an essential item for homes and businesses to make sure there are enough outlets to go around. Used right, it is an invaluable tool, but used wrong, it can increase the risk for fire or electrical shock. Follow these tips from a qualified electrician to limit risks and keep your home or business safe.


Choose the right power strip.

A good power strip should have built-in safety features like an internal circuit breaker to limit the risk of injury. Older or cheaper strips may not have these features, so check the packaging before buying.

Consider what you plug in.

Power strips are generally designed to split your outlet’s electrical current among several light-load devices like lamps, phones, and computers. Items that require more electricity, such as refrigerators and items with heating elements, should be plugged into the wall or a dedicated outlet.

Give it a break.

As you use your power strip, it will likely heat up. Check its temperature regularly, and if it gets too hot, unplug your devices to give the power strip a break. These respites help prevent both fires and damage to the electrical components of the power strip.


Use near water.

In general, you should keep electronics away from water and out of the bathroom and kitchen whenever possible, but this is especially true for power strips. More cords and connections mean more locations where water can come into contact with an electrical current.

Daisy chain.

ElectricianThis refers to the practice of plugging power strips into other power strips, which significantly increases the electrical load and risk of shorts or overheating. If you’re running out of outlets, schedule an appointment with an electrician to install more.

Treat it as permanent.

Power strips should never be nailed down or covered with potentially flammable material. Any type of covering compromises the unit’s ability to cool itself and increases fire risk.


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