Chances are, you have one or more concrete fixtures located around your home. Although it is a great material for hardscaping and creating a driveway, it is not impervious to damage and can develop problems over time that could warrant replacement. To help you decide when you should upgrade your architecture, below are some signs to look out for.

3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Concrete

1. Pitting 

Several problems can cause concrete to start pitting. These are small holes that can make driveways look uneven and worn. Many times, they are often caused in the winter when water repeatedly freezes over the fixture and is then absorbed when the ice melts. However, these problems can also arise when the wrong mix was laid or it was incorrectly cured.

2. Long or Wide Cracksconcrete

Over time, most concrete fixtures will develop cracks along their surface. These can quickly extend when substances like oil, gas, and salt enter them. Winter, especially, can be incredibly harmful to these installations as any water that has penetrated the material is susceptible to freezing and expanding, leading to further damage. Once these cracks or fissures become longer than an inch or two, replacing it is in your best interest.

3. Appears Uneven

Driveways and several other concrete structures that appear uneven have often suffered weather damage to their foundation or were installed poorly from the start. Either way, it will continue to break and crumble. While you could have it temporarily repaired, this problem will continue to come back until the foundation is completely replaced correctly.


When you’ve started to notice these or other worrisome signs that your concrete is in disarray, call the professionals at Kohala Coast Concrete & Precast to have it replaced. They are the go-to service for those in Kamuela and throughout the Big Island. Visit their website today to learn more about their ready mix and precast concrete options, or call them at (808) 882-7970 to find the right solution for your home.