Remodeling or finishing a basement is an extremely popular home improvement project—for good reason. A finished basement provides valuable extra living space for a den, bedrooms, or more. Among the many decisions that need to be made during this home remodeling project is the type of flooring to install. Here’s how you can determine the right kind of flooring for your basement.

Basement Moisture Levels

Being below ground level, basements are at a higher risk for flooding and moisture accumulation than other areas in your home. Because of this, the subfloor may emit latent moisture. Moisture may ruin certain floor types. Home improvement contractors offer homeowners solutions to seal basements from leaks and seepage, but you should discuss the challenges of keeping your basement dry with them.

For a moisture-resistant floor covering, consider luxury plank vinyl or ceramic tile. These materials are waterproof and easy to clean. Luxury plank vinyl, which is available in styles that imitate hardwood, may be the best option for family rooms and entertainment centers because of its warmth and durability.

Consider Your Planned Usage

home improvementYou should also consider how you plan on using an improved basement. Many prefer soft, warm flooring to offset the coolness of basements. Vinyl and rubber, for example, would be excellent choices if you’re turning your basement into a home gym. 

If you have a low-moisture basement, carpet could still be a viable choice—particularly if you’re trying to create a cozier atmosphere for a bedroom or a playroom for the kids. Low-pile carpet is also a pragmatic choice for home theaters if you’re concerned about unusual audio reverberation.


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