Struts are found within the inner suspension assembly of your vehicle. They work with the shocks to absorb most of the bumps and keep the wheels rolling smooth. If they require a strut repair, then visible indicators will start to appear. Learning what they are allow you to take the necessary precautions and keep your loved ones safe.

4 Signs a Strut Repair is Needed

1. Loud Noises

Struts are made to remain stable when driving over a bump. This prevents the frame from jerking too badly and ensures that the wheels move as a single unit. If you hear a loud knocking noise, then it’s probably time for an auto repair. This indicates that the struts are beginning to wear out and hitting the surrounding components.

2. Slight Lean

strut repairStruts ensure that the vehicle maintains a sense of balance throughout the entirety of the turn. Any amount of leaning could increase the chance of a rollover and put your loved ones at risk. If the vehicle seems to be leaning more than it should, take it in for an inspection to determine the need for replacement.

3. Uneven Steering

Struts should keep your vehicle driving straight no matter the condition of the road. When the steering wheel begins to pull to one side, it could reveal the need for an auto repair. This means that one of the struts is broken and unable to support the wheel, which causes the steering to appear uneven.

4. Excessive Bouncing

Struts have a set of coils that help to reduce the amount of bounce that a vehicle experiences, allowing the wheels to move smoothly through the bump. If they’re coming loose, then there’s a chance of momentarily losing contact with the road. The bounciness of the ride will increase and could result in additional damage to the vehicle.


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