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Laser Hair Removal Underarm Special! Pay Only $145 x session (Reg $300 x Session). Call the office 561-969-1777 or 561-935-8000 or Send your message!

If you're tired of waxing and shaving, consider laser treatment for hair removal as an alternative. The effects of this process last far longer than other options while also avoiding annoying razor bumps and irritation. This guide covers some common questions about the process to help you determine if it's right for you.



A Guide to Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

What happens during laser sessions?

Our Medical Professional will use a handheld device that emits a certain wavelength of light best suited to your skin tone. This light is absorbed by the pigment cells in your hair, which generate heat to affect the root hair follicles and stop the growth of the hair. A cooling system is applied to prevent discomfort and protect the surface of the skin, as the laser light can create a warm or slightly stinging sensation on the skin. Common treatment areas include the bikini area, chin, upper lip, and underarms.

Is the treatment permanent?

laser treatment

While it's true that laser removal can reduce the amount of hair that grows in a given area, it usually does not remove hair permanently. Because this process works by damaging hair follicles, those affected will cease growing hair. However, new follicles will usually develop, which means renewed hair growth after a period of time.

 Most people require 8 to 12 sessions to achieve the desired results. From there, results can last a few years or longer.Once the initial Laser Hair Removal protocol is completed, we recommend undergoing maintenance treatment at least one session per year or as needed. 

Who can undergo laser hair removal?

In the past, people with light skin and dark hair had the best results due to how the lasers reacted to the pigment in their hair. New technology has since been developed that allows people with different hair colors and skin tones to enjoy great results. The procedure is not usually recommended for pregnant women, people on certain types of acne drugs, or people with certain skin conditions. Get in contact with our office to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if the Laser Hair Removal treatment is right for you.

What should I do after treatment is complete?

Minor redness and swelling in the treatment area are common after sessions. Ice therapy is usually sufficient for treating mild discomfort and redness. To prevent further irritation, stay out of the sun and don't use a tanning bed for at least six weeks.

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