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Main Auction Galleries
137 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

About Main Auction Galleries

Antiques, Mid-Century Modern and Collectibles

Through a commitment to honesty, integrity, and professionalism, what started as a small family business in 1870 has grown into the nationally recognized auction house known as Main Auctions Galleries, Inc. Here, at their building of over 40,000 square feet, you’ll find treasures such as artwork, pottery, toys, and furniture, sometimes dating as far back as the 18th century. The space is complete with a showroom and auction floor, right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

Their close-knit and dedicated team conducts weekly auctions and major catalogue auctions throughout the year, in addition to publishing a colored brochure showcasing their items. Co-owner and father-son team, J. Louis Karp and Jonas Mayer Karp, were born and raised in the business and are, respectively, fourth and fifth generation members of the family that began the business almost 150 years ago.

Main Auction Galleries, Inc. is equipped with an expert for each item they sell and are skilled and experienced in appraisal. Offering their services to attorneys, bankers, trust officers and individuals, they’re confident that they can provide the best services from art appraisal to gun appraisal and everything in between. They also offer both appraisal and liquidation for homes and estates throughout the country.

Through generations of knowledge and hard work, the family at Main Auction Galleries, Inc. is ready to bring you the best information and highest quality merchandise. Conveniently located within three blocks of major hotels, they’re a must-see the next time you’re in Cincinnati. You can also visit them online or call them at (513) 621-1280 to schedule an appraisal.