Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean your summertime glow has to fade. At Touch of Bronze in Stillwater, OK, you can keep your sun-kissed hue all winter long. Known for their extensive tanning services, Touch of Bronze will give you the glowing skin you crave.

You will keep your color even longer if you use an indoor tanning lotion. Here are five reasons why you should apply tanning lotion before using a tanning bed at Touch of Bronze:

  • It Will Moisturize Your Skin: Tanning can dry out your skin. Using a tanning lotion replaces the moisture your skin loses. Keeping your skin moisturized will enhance your healthy glow.

  • Stillwater-OK-tanning-lotionYou Will Tan Faster: Indoor tanning lotions help your skin absorb UV rays, which will speed up the indoor tanning process. Look for a tanning lotion that contains tyrosine — this ingredient stimulates the production of melanin, which allows you to tan faster. When you use a tanning lotion, you’ll get a deeper, darker tan in less time.

  • It Feels Good: It can get a little warm in a tanning bed, but some tanning lotions offer a slight cooling effect and tingling sensation.

  • It Slows Aging: Some tanning lotions contain ingredients that make your skin look younger. Look for lotions with skin-firming compounds and vitamins.

  • It Prevents Burns: Some tanning lotions help prevent burns, peeling, and uneven tanning. Tanning lotions help you tan faster so you spend less time in the tanning bed, reducing your chance of a burn.

For best results, apply your indoor tanning lotion one or two hours before your tanning session. Touch of Bronze offers a wide variety of tanning products, including classic tanning lotions, bronzing lotions, tingle lotions, and accelerator lotions. To determine the product that will help you achieve the tan you want, speak with one of their experts. For more information about the best tanning services in Stillwater, visit the Touch of Bronze website or call (405) 533-1826.