To stay comfortable this summer, you might wear shorts, dresses, swimsuits, and other warm-weather apparel. If you are pale from cooler months spent indoors, get an airbrush tan. This way, the skin you show off will have a sun-kissed glow. It’s natural to have several questions before a session, so here are answers to help prepare for the appointment. 

Common Questions About Airbrush Tans

What are the benefits?

An airbrush tan mimics the darkening effects of spending time in the sun while keeping skin healthy. When you spend time outside, your body creates more melanin, the pigment in skin that makes it tan. Although melanin absorbs ultraviolet rays to protect the tissue, it’s still possible to experience UV damage from exposing skin to UVA and UVB rays in sunlight. The radiation damages cell DNA, increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. Since airbrush tanning doesn’t use sunlight, you won’t put the health of your skin in jeopardy. 

How does the process work?

During a session, dihydroxyacetone (DHA)-based tanning solution is lathered on the body with a compressor and airbrush. When applied to the skin, the chemical connects with the amino acids in dead cells, darkening the pigment. People normally undergo multiple sessions to gradually change the outer layer of skin to the desired shade of bronze. Some solutions also contain bronzer. It changes the pigment immediately.   

How is it different from spray tanning?

airbrush tanAirbrush tanning is a form of a spray tan, with the main difference being the type of equipment used. For a spray tan, technicians use a spray gun instead of an airbrush to apply the tanning lotion. Although spray tanning can be performed quickly, airbrushing tends to provide more even results. 

Is it safe?

Although precautions are taken to ensure the tanning environment is safe, you should still consult with your technician before the appointment. If you have a DHA allergy, skin sensitivities, or additional concerns, tell them. They will let you know what ingredients are in the products.


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