Many people visit the tanning salon every couple of months to give their skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow. But if you’re thinking about a more extreme makeover, what better place to start your search for a new hair color than by picking one to match your complexion? The guide below offers some suggestions for a look that will turn heads.

Which Hair Colors Work Best With Tan Skin?

1. Golden Blonde

While blonde hair looks lovely with many skin tones, it stands out especially against a tan—giving the impression of someone who lives their life out in the sun. Opt for a more golden shade of blonde over platinum or dirty-blonde locks to give your hair a similar warmth as your skin. Then, keep the look casual with soft, pink-tinted makeup or dress it up with smokier colors.

2. Copper Red

tanningAs with blonde, there are many shades of red you can pair with light-to-dark tan skin. However, it’s often better to pick a hue that complements your natural undertones. This particular hue of red looks fantastic on those with olive and gold complexions. 

3. Reddish Brown

If you are a brunette and don’t want to roam too far from your natural hue, ensure your spray tan pops by selecting a brown color that has some auburn in it. The color also softens sharper facial features and works well with both subtle and dramatic makeup choices, while speaking to the fallen-leaf beauty of the season.


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