Using tanning lotion is a simple yet powerful way to achieve your desired glow by supplementing the work of tanning beds. Yet, with so many varieties to choose from, anyone new to lotion may not know which kind to pick. The guide below offers advice for selecting a product to meet your needs and goals.

What Tanning Lotions Should You Consider?

1. Bronzers

Bronzers contain self-tanner which helps to give you an immediate glow. If you’ve just started using a tanning bed, these lotions give you a deeper hue until your skin catches up. Because they provide gradual effects, you won’t have to worry about streaks and can enjoy a natural, healthy look.

2. Accelerators

Typically, accelerators contain moisturizing ingredients and are ideal for people who are just starting their sessions. Because the skin tans better when it’s well-hydrated, you may be able to achieve your desired results quicker with an accelerator.

tanning lotion3. Tingle

Products with tingle promote microcirculation, which brings blood to the skin’s surface. This can hasten the skin’s repair process and enable UV light to penetrate more effectively for a deeper tan. It does produce a tingling sensation and is, therefore, best reserved for experienced tanners. Avoid products with tingle if you have sensitive skin and don’t use it on your face, where the skin is more sensitive.

4. Anti-Aging

To provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to minimize the risk and appearance of wrinkles, anti-aging lotions have a wealth of nutrients. You might find age-defying ingredients like hemp seed oil, vitamin A, and caffeine in these lotions to reduce puffiness and fine lines.

5. Coolant

Unlike the sensation produced by tingle products, lotions with coolants provide a cool, refreshing feeling. If you tend to get hot while tanning, look for a lotion with coolant to stay comfortable during and after your session.


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