With safe and proper use, tanning beds can increase vitamin D production in your body during the dark winter months. This helps boost your mood, especially those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This is all while keeping your skin glowing. Consider these other benefits of a tanning membership. 

Why Are the Advantages of a Salon Membership? 

1. Maintain Your Sun-Kissed Look 

It takes between 3-5 tanning sessions to begin seeing your tan—and regular follow-up appointments are necessary to maintain it. With a membership, you can book sessions well in advance that fit within your schedule. You should schedule no more than three sessions a week, with 24-48 hours between them, depending on your skin type.  

2. Cheaper Visits 

Stillwater TanningMemberships cost a flat rate, meaning that the more you schedule service, the greater the value you are getting. Your salon might also offer discounted upgrades for members, increasing your savings. 

3. Freebie Extras 

Some salons also give special welcome packages when you sign up or refer a friend. Additionally, they may have special events just for members or offer rewards for regular visits. Always ask about the perks before signing up for a tanning membership. 

4. The Perfect Gift 

Looking to spend more quality time with a family member or friend? If they also appreciate having a glowing complexion, you can buy them a membership, alongside your own, as a present—and make plans to go together. 


Keep your sun-kissed look all year long with tanning from Touch of Bronze Tanning Salon. Located in Stillwater, OK, they offer many ways to keep your skin bronzed—including stand-up and lay-down tanning beds, as well as high-quality spray tan options. If you have an upcoming wedding or special event or simply want to maintain your glow, sign up for their membership package. Call (405) 533-1826 to schedule an appointment. Read reviews from satisfied customers on Facebook.