Many brides want to have a beautiful bronze glow on their wedding day. However, if you have not been to a tanning salon before, you might wonder how to ensure you get the results you want. The guide below offers some advice for looking your best. 

A Guide to Tanning Before Your Wedding

1. Know Your Skin Type

Your skin type will influence how you tan. For example, those with lighter skin tones will need to schedule a series of shorter appointments so that they get darker without burning. Those with darker complexions will need to spend overall less time in a tanning bed.

Talk with the professionals at the salon to determine what category your complexion falls under and what your optimal tanning time is. 

2. Do a Trial 

tanning-salonWhile you might have a color in mind that you think will suit you, consider getting a tan a few months before the wedding to see if it looks the way you imagine it. This will give it time to fade—a process that usually takes between two weeks and a month—in case you are unsatisfied with the results. It will also help you decide whether you want to go lighter or darker. 

3. Go a Few Days Before the Big Event

The days right before the wedding will likely be hectic—so plan to go for your final tan earlier in the week. This will free up your schedule while ensuring the effects will not fade before the big day.

This also works well if you opt for a spray tan instead of the use of a tanning bed—since this quicker bronzing solution usually needs to be performed again every six to ten days to maintain a consistent color.


If you want to achieve the perfect color for your wedding day, contact Touch of Bronze Tanning Salon. Located in Stillwater, OK, this tanning salon offers an array of options and services, ranging from both laydown and stand up tanning beds to quality spray tanning. For more information about their special offerings, visit them online. Call (405) 533-1826 to set an appointment.